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Martyn Dorey                     Chief Technology Officer

Martyn Dorey                     Chief Technology Officer

Martyn is the founder of Dorey Financial Modeling, a data analytics and technology business. The various platforms that have been created by Martyn are used by governments, regulatory authorities as well investment manages for making decisions in relation to over £75 billion of assets. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and has been a qualified investment actuary for nearly 15 years. Martyn has extensive UK industry experience, having worked for leading investment consultants Bacon & Woodrow, Aon, and P-Solve, and he was awarded the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce Anvil Award in 2014 for his data analytics work.  

Peter Francis                      Chief Executive Officer

Peter Francis                    Chief Executive Officer

Pete is an entrepreneur, innovator and coach. He worked for a leading financial institution in business development prior to joining a company that provides data analytics services to Governments and institutional investors. Pete’s philosophy follows a 3 point plan to positively effect 1 person, 100,000 people (local community) and 1,000,000,000 (worldwide) each day.