Since the inception of word processors over 30 years ago, little has changed in how you can create and review documents or to what to what you can do with them. Architects and engineers use computer aided design, to explore ideas and visualize new concepts. However, the same tools have not been available for you to write, examine and understand content of documents. 


Our Mission

Word Processors have become limited in what they can offer. Many documents we tend to read only can be understood by professionals and are incomprehensible to everyone else. Long documents and large groups of interrelated documents are difficult to write and review with existing tools efficiently. Spelling and grammar checkers are limited to what they understand what you are trying to say. 

Ozoris is a powerful language tool that helps you to understand, visualize and explore anything in writing, all in an incredibly simple way. 

Using our Lex+ engine, Ozoris knows the meaning of words, which enables it to analyze and test written work. It can help you to identity errors, such as inconsistencies and incorrect references, and sense check what you write. It can also help you to understand and explore what you read. 

Ozoris can understand the meanings of words, enabling you work smarter when writing and reading documents. 

Lex+ helps you to work faster and more efficiently whilst also understanding more information.